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Whole House Fan Controls

Low Cost

Eliminates the cost of Romex cable and the labor cost to wire switches.

Simple Installation

FC3J fan control is wired and installed in the junction box on the fan.

Fan connects to control using a plug&play cable.

Wireless control eliminates all wiring in the living space of the home.

Fan and control can be tested prior to installation.

Temperature Control

Improves comfort and energy efficiency.

The fan cools the home to the comfort temperature set.

Eliminates overcooling and running the fan longer than needed.

Eliminates having to get up at night to turn the timer off because it's too cold or extend the timer because the fan turned off too soon.

Built in Safety Features

In temperature mode, the built-in safety timer automatically turns the fan off the following morning just in case the homeowner forgets.

Optional Upgrades

Improve comfort by adding optional outdoor temperature sensor to delay fan operation until the outdoor temperature is cool enough to provide cooling.

Add an optional wireless remote to a wall control installation. Provides fan control from the wall control or from anywhere in the home using the wireless remote.

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