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 The RT3K is a whole house fan wireless remote control that uses temperature or a timer to control the whole house fan. Temperature control never overcools the home and only runs the fan as long as needed. All wiring is done in the junction box on the fan - eliminates wiring and installing a line voltage timer and speed control switch on a wall. Includes a 7' plug&play cable to connect radio module in the attic to the fan. Includes built-in safety timer feature and option to add an outdoor temperature sensor.



  • Wireless range - 100 feet in the home.
  • Timer, Temperature and Speed Control.
  • Built in safety timer in Temperature mode.
  • Option for outdoor temperature sensor to delay fan operation when the outside temperature is too warm to provide cooling - See Model TS3.
  • Compatible with 1, 2 and 3-speed PSC and ECM whole house fans.
  • 5 Year Warranty.


Improves Comfort and Saves Energy

  • In Temperature mode, set your comfort temperature and turn the fan on. The fan turns off once the indoor temperature reaches your comfort temperature.
  • Eliminates getting up in the middle of the night to turn the fan off or set the timer for longer.
  • Only runs the fan as long as needed.


Simple Installation

  • Eliminates all wiring iwthin the home.
  • Eliminates installing line voltage timer and speed control.
  • All line voltage wiring done at the junction box on the fan.
  • Test the fan operation even before installing.


RT3K Whole House Fan Remote Control

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