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The R80CJ is a round, modulating, plug&play zone damper that is used with the MWC Wireless Direct Damper Wall Control to adjust the amount of airflow to a space anywhere from 100% to nearly 0%. 


Compatible Control

  • WLDCK Wireless Damper Wall Control



  • Available Unsealed or Sealed. Unsealed-Allows some air leakage in the closed position. Sealed-Allows minimal air leakage in the closed position.
  • Plug&Play - Includes 25' plug&play cable.
  • Damper Sizes - 6" to 20" diameters.
  • Damper Shell - Spiral wrapped 24 ga galvanized steel.
  • Damper Blade - 20 ga galvanized steel.
  • Mounting - Two screws. Molded glass filled ABS shaft and keyed to eliminate blade alignment.
  • Wiring - Plug&Play cable connects damper to damper control module.
  • Electrical Power - 24VAC or 24VDC. 2VA operating and 1VA holding.
  • Output Torque - 80 in-oz.
  • Operation Time - Fully opens or fully closes in approximately 3 seconds.
  • LED Indicators - Green LED indicates fully open. Red LED indicates fully close.
  • Multiple Dampers - Up to 4 dampers can be daisy chained to define a zone.
  • Operating Temperature - -20 to 175 degrees F


R80CJ Plug&Play Modulating Damper. Works with WLDC Wireless Damper Wall Control

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