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The WLC365 is a simple, low-cost wireless 2-zone system that provides a comfortable home in all seasons by directing more heating or cooling  to the space that needs it. 


Low Cost

  • About half the cost of traditional zoning.


Eliminates Bypass

  • Modulating dampers never fully close.


Simple Installation

  • No new wiring in the home.
  • By bypass duct or damper to install.
  • No zoning panel to install.
  • No electrical box or 24VAC transformer to install. Dampers only require 2VA power.
  • No DAT sensor to install - Airflow through the equipment remains nearly constant and bypass is not used.
  • Only two wires and two plug&play cables to connect.
  • Battery powered, wireless wall control installed on any wall.
  • Damper control module installed near the equipment and powered using the R and C equipment terminals.
  • Two modulating, plug&play dampers are installed - one in the duct controlling airflow to the upstairs and one in the duct controlling airflow to the downstairs.
  • Dampers connect to the damper control module using the cables included with the dampers.


Improves Comfort and Saves Energy

  • Modulating dampers make small adjustments to find the right distribution of heating or cooling so that the upstairs and downstairs are equally comfortable.
  • Improves comfort and saves energy at night by directing more heating or cooling to the upstairs and less to the unoccupied downstairs.


Simple Operation

  • Simply turn the knob to direct more heating or cooling to the space desired. 


WLC365 Wireless 2-Zone Control Kit

  • Brochure


    User Manual

    Installer Manual

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