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Model Pro311PD
3-Zone Panel with Automatic Bypass Control

For Gas/Electric Equipment w/ Single Stage Heating and Cooling

Automatically controls bypass using the modulating, non-calling zone dampers or an external modulating bypass damper.

Eliminates calibrating and testing Bypass.

On-panel display for entering settings, testing installation and monitoring equipment operation.

Rapidly clone panels in the shop to eliminate field programming and errors.

"Quick Setup" option uses standard default settings to streamline panel set up.

Push-in terminals and plug&play dampers speed up installation and reduce wiring errors.

Superior actuator with twice the torque and 4 times the operating life of a spring return actuator.

Lower costs than traditional low-end RNC panels.

Compatible Equipment

Gas/Electric with single stage heating and cooling.

Compatible Zone Thermostats

Any 24VAC heat/cool thermostat with W, Y and G outputs.

Automatic Bypass Control

The zoning panel provides Automatic Bypass Control using the non-calling, modulating zone damper to meet CA Title 24 or using an external modulating bypass damper. The panel automatically positions the bypass damper based on the size of the zone dampers, the bypass damper size, and which zones are calling and how much extra CFM is acceptable for the calling zones.

Cloning Panels

Cloning is a fast and simple way to transfer all the settings from one zoning panel to another panel in the shop or in the field. Just connect the Cloning Connectors on the

two panels together using the

ribbon cable and select Cloning

on the display.

"Quick Setup" Option

Quick Setup uses standard, default settings that are commonly used in RNC 2-zone installations and streamlines panel set up.

Push-In Terminals

Push-In, screwless terminals and plug&play dampers speed up installation and reduce wiring errors.

Modulating Dampers

Modulating dampers can be positioned in 2% steps by the panel for exact bypass control. The dampers provide twice the torque of a typical spring return damper actuator and use only 2VA when positioning and less than 1VA when holding position. LEDs indicate when the damper is fully open or closed. Multiple dampers can be used to define a zone.  Electronic motor control ensures long

operating life - tested to over 9 million cycles. Cables for connecting the damper to the panel are provided with each damper.

On-Panel Display

Select "Quick  Setup" or set options and display the operation of the equipment including call status, zone thermostat status, zone damper positions, bypass damper position and leaving air temperature.

Selecting Options

Use factory set options or use the keys and LCD display to select the options best suited to the installation.

  • High and low temperature limits.

  • Fan operation in gas heating.

  • Purge operation.

  • Automatic changeover

  • DSBK Option.

Selecting Auto Bypass Options

Use the keys and the LCD display to select the bypass options and settings.

  • Turn automatic bypass control on or off.

  • Select bypass type - using the non-calling zone dampers or an external modulating bypass damper.

  • Select the zone damper sizes.

  • Select the allowed increased CFM for the calling zones.

  • Set the external bypass damper size.

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