Improves comfort and energy savings in spaces
that are overcooled, overheated or rarely used.

Model WDC
Wireless Airflow Wall Control for 1 Zone




The WDC installation includes the wireless airflow wall control installed on any wall, a damper control installed near the damper and a modulating damper that controls the airflow to the space. Simply turn the knob to adjust the heating or cooling airflow to improve comfort. When the space is unoccupied, reduce the airflow to save energy.

Light Commercial Applications - Ideal for offices, conference rooms, classrooms, exam rooms, etc.

Retail Applications - Ideal for restaurants, bars, fast food chains, retail shops, etc..

Residential Applications - Ideal for elderly persons room, nursery, home theater, workshop, etc...

Improves comfort by eliminating overheating or overcooling a space.

Saves energy by reducing airflow to unoccupied spaces.

Simple wireless wall control - No wiring within the space.


  • Low cost solution to improve comfort and energy savings.
  • Ideal for light commercial, retail and residential.
  • Eliminates overcooling.
  • Eliminates overheating.
  • Saves energy by reducing airflow to unoccupied spaces.
  • Simple Installation - Only 2 wires and 1 plug&play cable to connect.
  • Modulating damper adjusts airflow in 5% increments from fully open to nearly closed.
  • Plug&play damper eliminates wiring errors. Up to 4 dampers can be connected to define a space.
  • No wiring within the space.


  • HVAC Equipment - The WCD does not control the HVAC equipment, only airflow.
  • Thermostats - Use any thermostat.
  • Operation - Rotate the knob counter clockwise to reduce airflow to a space.
  • Airflow Adjustment Range - 0 to 100% nominal airflow.
  • Modulating Damper - Electronic motor control uses only 2VA when positioning damper and less than 1VA when holding position.
  • Damper Connection - 25' plug&play cable included with damper.
  • Power - 24VAC, 6VA
  • Installation - Wall control is installed using adhesive backing.
  • Mechanical - 4.6 x 4.20 x 1.00 inches.


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