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Model RTMR
Whole House Fan Wireless Remote Timer

For 1, 2 and 3-Speed PSC and ECM whole house fans.

Wireless communication to the fan eliminates running wires in the home.

100 foot wireless range.

Controls the fan using a 1 to 16 hour timer or continuous operation.

Features an LCD display for easy viewing of the timer setting and fan speed.

Simple key operation enables you to quickly adjust your timer setting and fan speed.

Features a Lite Key that turns on the backlight so you can easily view the display at night.

The Fan Control wires to the fan and power wires in the junction box on the fan.

Simple Installation

The FC3JTMR is installed in the existing junction box on the fan and connects to the fan wires - low, medium (if fan has medium speed), high, white and black. It also connects to the power wires white and black. Once the fan is powered, simply remove the battery tab on the back of the remote.  The remote automatically links to the FC3JTMR Fan Control and is ready for operation. 

Simple Operation

  • To turn the fan on or off, press the On/Off key.

  • To change the timer setting, press the Up or Down key.

  • To change the fan speed, press the Speed key.

  • Press the Lite key to view the display at night.

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