The WTTKWF is a low-cost wall and WiFi control that controls the fan using temperature or timer control. Temperature control never overcools the home and only runs the fan as long as needed. All wiring is done in the junction box on the fan - eliminates wiring and installing a line voltage timer and speed control switch. Includes 50' plug&play cable to connect wall control to the fan. Includes built-in safety timer. Use the wall control or WiFi to control the fan.


Additional information available on the WTTKWF product page.

WTTKWF Whole House Fan Wall Control with WiFi

    • Timer, Temperature and Speed Control.
    • Eliminates line voltage wiring in the home.
    • Improves comfort and energy savings.
    • Control the fan using the wall control or WiFi.
    • Option for outdoor temperature sensor to delay fan operation when the outside temperature is too warm to provide cooling.
    • Compatible with 1, 2 and 3-speed PSC and ECM whole house fans.

    For detailed product information, see the WTTKWF product page.

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