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2-Zone Wireless Automatic Digital Wall Control

New Residential Constuction
Residential Aftermarket

Less Than Half the Cost and Labor of Traditional Zoning

How It Works

A typical installation includes two modulating zoning dampers installed in the trunks feeding the upstairs and downstairs zones, a wireless damper control module installed near the equipment, a wireless temperature sensor installed in the upstairs zone and a wireless digital wall control installed on any wall in the downstairs living space zone

The ZCDWL monitors the equipment for heating and cooling calls and monitors the upstairs and downstairs temperatures. If the temperatures differ by 2 degrees or more, the thermostat automatically distributes 2% more heating or cooling to the zone that needs it every 2 minutes. When more heating or cooling is distributed upstairs, the upstairs damper fully opens and the downstairs damper partially closes, forcing more heating or cooling to the upstairs zone.

When more heating or cooling is directed downstairs, the downstairs damper fully opens and the upstairs damper partially closes, forcing more heating or cooling to the downstairs zone.

Modulating Zoning dampers never close but dynamically adjust to find the right distribution to provide a comfortable home and save energy in every season.

Low Cost

Less than half the cost of traditional zoning.

Fast, Wireless Installation

Cuts installation time by half by eliminating the hassles of zoning.

Automatic or Manual Operation

Automatically controls the distribution of heating or cooling. Or, the homeowner can manually direct more heating or cooling to the upstairs or downstairs zone to improve comfort and save energy.

Night Comfort Option

Saves 30% in energy at night and improves comfort by automatically distributing more heating or cooling to the upstairs zone and 30% less to the unoccupied downstairs zone.

Meets the Builders Requirement for a Comfortable Home.

Compatible with Smart Home thermostats, OEM thermostats or any 24VAC thermostat.

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Eliminates the

Hassles of Zoning!

Wireless - Eliminates Wiring

in the Home.

The modulating dampers never close.

Eliminates Bypass

The discharge air tempratures are not affected by Modulating Zoning.

Eliminates Installing DAT Sensor

Dampers only require 2VA power.

Eliminates Installing Electrical Box and 24VAC Transformer.

Eliminates two of the HERS zonal tests.

Reduces HERS Testing

5 Year Warranty

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