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Home Comfort

Comfort Solutions for
Every Home and Every Budget

Direct Damper Controls

Whole House Fan Controls

Private Label and Custom Products

Comfort365 2-Zone Systems

Low Cost and Easy To Install
2-Zone Systems

Provides all the comfort of traditional zoning at about half the cost.

Simple installation.

Eliminates installing bypass damper.

Eliminates installing zoning panel.

Eliminates installing electrical box for 24VAC transformer.

Eliminates installing 24VAC transformer.

Eliminates installing DAT sensor.

Low cost wireless and wired controls with Manual and/or Automatic control.


Direct Damper Controls

Controls the amount of heating or cooling to a space.

Improves comfort and saves energy.

Eliminates overheating, overcooling and wasted energy from conditioning unused spaces.

Simple to install.

Wireless and Wired Solutions.

Ideal for residential and commercial applications such as a nursery, grandparent's room, office, restaurant, etc. Any location where overheating or overcooling causes discomfort and wasted energy.

Eliminate Overheating or Overcooling in a Space

Whole House Fan Controls

Control Your Fan Using Temperature or Timer for Greater Comfort and Energy Savings

Temperature, Timer and Speed Control.

Improves comfort and saves energy.

Temperature control eliminates overcooling and only runs the fan for as long as needed. Eliminates having to wake up and get out of bed because it's too cold or extend the timer because the fan turned off too soon.

Controls 1, 2 and 3-Speed PSC and ECM fans by leading whole house fan manufacturers.

All Romex wiring done at the junction box on the fan. 

Wireless and Wired Controls.

Built In Safety Features

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