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Family enjoying a comfortable home

Simple, low-cost - Provides the same comfort as traditional zoning at the HALF cost.

2-Zone Systems for Aftermarket

The Comfort Problem

A common problem found in most 2-story homes is that during the summer, the upstairs is too hot, and during the winter, the downstairs is too cold. The upstairs needs more cooling during the summer and the downstairs needs more heating during the winter. 

The Comfort365 2-Zone Solution

The Comfort365 corrects the problem by automatically or manually distributing more cooling airflow to the upstairs during the summer and distributing more heating airflow downstairs during the winter resulting in a uniformly comfortable home in every season.

The modulating dampers make small adjustments to find the right distribution of airflow to provide a comfortable home. The dampers never fully close and airflow throught the equipment remains nearly constant.

Improves comfort and saves energy at night by directing more heating or cooling to the sleeping space and less to the unoccupied downstairs space.

About half the cost of zoning.

Simple Installation

Eliminates installing bypass damper.

Eliminates installing zoning panel.

Eliminates installing electrical box for 24VAC transformer.

Eliminates installing 24VAC transformer.

Eliminates installing DAT sensor.

Meets Title 24

Reduced HERS Testing

Low cost wired and wireless solutions.

Simple, easy-to-use comfort solutions.

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Model WDC365

Wired, Manual Airflow Control for 2 Zones

WC365 Wireless Airflow Wall Control for 2 Zones.
Model WC365

Wireless, Manual Airflow Control for 2 Zones

Model DC365

Wired, Automatic or Manual

Airflow Control for 2 Zones

Model C365A

Thermostat with Heating, Cooling and Wireless Airflow Control for 2 Zones