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Custom Products

Custom Products

Custom Products Enhance Your Company

Custom 6-Zone Zoning Panel
Custom 8-Zone Zoning Panel

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eControls can design and manufacture custom products

that sets your company apart from others and can

provide you with a competitive advantage. Whether it's

zoning panels, wireless and WiFi thermostats, humidistats, actuators and dampers, airflow or fresh air controls,

eControls, with its 20-years of experience in designing

and manufacturing HVAC products, can work with

you to develop the product you envision. 

Custom Imprinting

Comfort365 with Custom Imprinting

Build Your Brand Awareness

with Custom Imprinting

eControls has in-house imprinting capabilities for contractors. Build your brand awareness and improve customer loyalty by adding your company name or logo and phone number to the products you install.

Give us a call at 949-916-6701 or

email us at

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