Provides the same comfort as zoning at HALF the cost and eliminates all of the difficulties of installing a zoning system.

Model C365T

Thermostat with Heating, Cooling and Airflow Control

New Construction



The C365T installation includes a touch thermostat installed in the downstairs living space, a temperature sensor installed in the upstairs sleeping space and modulating dampers that control the distribution of airflow to the living and sleeping spaces. The thermostat monitors the temperatures in the living and sleeping spaces and every 2 minutes during a heating or cooling call, a 2% adjustment in airflow is made, if the temperatures differ by 2 degrees, to direct more airflow to where it's needed for a uniformly comfortable home. 


Half the material cost of zoning.

Simple installation:

Eliminates installing bypass damper and duct.

Eliminates installing zoning panel.

Eliminates installing discharge air temperature sensor.

Eliminates installing transformer.

Eliminates installing upstairs thermostat.

Saves energy by reducing airflow to unoccupied spaces.

Only 13 wires to connect compared to 25 in zoning.

Modulating dampers adjust airflow in 2% increments.

Meets Title 24.

Reduced HERS testing.

Automatically distributes heating and cooling airflow to the space that needs it for a uniformly comfortable home.

Option for manual airflow control.

Save 30% in energy at night by distributing more heating or cooling to the sleeping space.

Save energy in heating by distributing more heating downstairs and satisfying the call sooner.

Low-cost WiFi thermostat option. Install at time of build or homeowner can upgrade later - No additional wiring.