Model C365R
Thermostat with Integrated Heating, Cooling and Airflow Control for 2 Zones

Provides the same comfort as zoning at about HALF the cost and eliminates all of the difficulties of installing a zoning system.

New Construction


The C365R solves the comfort problem by controlling heating and cooling calls and the distribution of heating and cooling to the upstairs and downstairs spaces to provide a uniformly comfortable home. Or, select Upstairs or Downstairs Comfort Focus to direct more heating or cooling to the space desired.

Low cost solution - About half the cost of zoning.

Eliminates installing bypass damper and duct.

Eliminates installing zoning panel, discharge air temperature sensor, transformer and upstairs thermostat.

Only 13 wires to connect compared to 25 in zoning.

Airflow Modes - Uniform Comfort, Upstairs Comfort Focus and Downstairs Comfort Focus.

Nighttime Comfort Control - Improves comfort and saves energy at night.