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Model C365A
Thermostat with Heating, Cooling and Wireless Airflow Control

Provides the same comfort as zoning at HALF the cost and eliminates all of the difficulties of installing a zoning system.




The C365A solves the comfort problem by controlling the equipment and wirelessly controlling the airflow by monitoring the upstairs and downstairs temperatures and automatically directing more airflow to the space that needs it.

Low cost solution - About half the cost of zoning.

Eliminates installing bypass damper and duct.

Eliminates installing zoning panel, discharge air temperature sensor, transformer and upstairs thermostat.

Only 7 wires and 2 plug&play cables to connect compared to 25 wires in zoning.

No new wiring within the living space of the home. Thermostat uses the existing thermostat cable.

Automatic or Manual Airflow Control

Nighttime Airflow Control (Sleep Mode) for better comfort and energy savings at night.

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