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Improves comfort and energy savings in spaces

that are overcooled, overheated or rarely used.

Model BTDC

Bluetooth Airflow Wall Control for 1 Zone



Available 2nd Quarter 2021


The BTDC installation includes a Bluetooth damper control installed near the equipment and a modulating damper that controls the airflow to the space. Simply use a smart device to link to the Bluetooth App then adjust the airflow to improve comfort. When the space is unoccupied, reduce the airflow to save energy.


Eliminates overheating a space.

Eliminates overcooling a space.

Saves energy by distributing more heating and cooling airflow to the spaces that need it.

Saves energy by reducing airflow to unoccupied spaces.

No wiring within the living space of the home.

Only 2 wires and 1 Plug&Play cable to connect.


Coming Soon

Plug&Play dampers reduce wiring errors. Up to 4 dampers can be connected to define a space.

Modulating dampers adjust airflow in increments of 5%.

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