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Provides the same comfort as zoning at HALF the cost and eliminates all of the difficulties of installing a zoning system.

Model BTAC365
Bluetooth Automatic Airflow Control



Available 3rd Quarter 2021


The BTAC365 installation includes two wireless temperature sensors, one installed in the downstairs living space and one installed in the upstairs sleeping space, a Bluetooth damper control installed near the equipment and plug&play dampers that control the distribution of airflow to the living and sleeping spaces. In automatic airflow control, the damper control monitors the equipment and the temperatures in the upstairs and downstairs spaces, and if there is a difference in temperature, more airflow will be distributed to the space that needs it. In manual airflow control, simply use a smart phone to distribute more airflow to the sleeping or living space. Or, when a space is unoccupied, reduce airflow to that space to save energy.

Less than half the material cost of zoning.

Eliminates installing bypass damper and duct.

Eliminates installing zoning panel, discharge air temperature sensor, transformer and upstairs thermostat.

Only 5 wires and 2 plug&play cables to connect compared to 25 wires in zoning.

No wiring within the living space of the home.

Automatic or Manual adjustment of airflow.

Auto Sleep mode automatically directs more airflow to the sleeping space at a set time each night.

Manually distributes airflow to the space that needs it for a uniformly comfortable home.

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